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Laboratory Collection Facility in Ocala, FL

We are Easy Stick Lab Services LLC, an up and coming medical laboratory collection facility that is located in Ocala, FL. We offer a variety of lab services from urine analysis to blood tests to, specimen collection, DNA tests and Drug Testing. We also offer a convenient mobile lab service with a certified …

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A Highly Trained Team

Our highly trained, certified and professional team of Phlebotomy technicians are always ready to carry out medical test analyses according to your requirements. They are friendly, compassionate, supportive and ready to provide you with the assistance you need. We specialize in hard sticks as well as children. With …

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Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We have highly skilled phlebotomist and professional staff who are medical laboratory certified. We all work as a team to provide a comprehensive and holistic work ethic, using new, innovative procedures and technologies to ensure accurate results. Our staff, both management and technical, are knowledgeable, friendly …

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  • Parking available
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accept debit/credit cards
  • Good for children
  • Cash only


Jakeria Johnson

I loved this class and the instructor, Mrs. Ashley. If you're interested in obtaining your Phlebotomy certificate/ license I recommend …

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Marion, Alachua, and Sumter counties

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Phlebotomy Training

We are proud to introduce our new addition Easy Stick Lab Phlebotomy training. We offer a 4 week phlebotomy training course which includes sticking techniques and order of draw.